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You are the hungry zombie apprentice to Simmer, professional Necromancer and culinary enthusiast.

Hunt, cook and eat your way through this massive underground facility. Find new recipes and and help Simmer revive the rich culinary history of the distant past!

Stuff yourself with various foods to enhance and mutate your abilities and defeat the minions sent by the Lord Protector of the Forest and uncover the mysteries of this massive underground facility.

Get Eating!
You are what you eat!


Every dish makes you stronger, but stomach space is limited! Fine tune the best meal for your hunting and exploration needs.

I recognize that place!


The food stalls, government signage, shrimp fishery, and signature lamp posts are all part of everyday life in Taiwan. But what happened to all the people?

Something’s rotten... 


Is Simmer a ghost? 

Why does the forest have a "Lord Protector"? Why are the fruits and vegetables on the cusp of rebellion?


There’s more to uncover down here than just cooking secrets.

Early Access

Dungeon Munchies will release in Early Access. Along with bug fixes and general housekeeping the game will continue to grow in these three directions:

More Story


Chapter one is complete, but terrible and wonderful things are afoot. We plan to bring regular, chapter-by-chapter updates to the game.

More Stuff


More food, more maps, more weapons, and more creatures that will be revealed during and between major story updates.

New Features


Entire new sets of collectibles, and quality-of-life features will be added from our long to-do list as well as player input!